Should I Have a Parade Float Mascot?

parade float mascots

Now that your parade float is just about ready (please read our awesome guides and tips on how to build parade floats), now is the perfect time to pick what other accessories you can add to make your float stand out. A Parade Float Mascot can be a great addition!

One popular method is to use mascots. But what are mascots exactly? And how can they help you gain and retain the audience’s attention?

  • -Mascots are branding elements used for merchandising, advertising or promoting a company or organization. They become that company’s representative, symbol or communication link to the public.

-In the past, mascots are thought to be bringers of good luck, the idea of which can still apply now. Mascots that are able to resonate with the public raises the public’s awareness of the company, directly or indirectly, affecting the company’s popularity, rise in sales, etc.
-They function as ambassadors of goodwill to spectators and audience. This is especially true during games or exhibitions where people can have their photos taken with the team mascot. A friendly mascot somehow paints a picture of the friendliness and approachability of the team or company it represents.

How Do I Choose a Mascot?

Mascot designs range from caricatures of popular figures, animals or company logos. Before designing or picking out one, here are some things to consider:

  • -Company ideals, professional values and image
    As a representative, the mascot reflects everything about the company, so it should match the image that the company is trying to project. For example, a government office or a law firm is best represented by a wise, assertive character, like an owl or eagle, perhaps. Or in the case of a track and field team, a cheetah, rabbit or a pronghorn antelope may work well for them.
  • -Style and Appeal
    Now is the time to get creative! Design a charismatic character that will best represent the company or team while giving consideration to its trademark, official colors, and ideals. Imagine how people would interact with such character and adjust features to make it more likable or appealing. Adding some interesting details — could be a headgear or a particular accessory — will also help make it stand out more.
  • -Consistency of Usage
    Mascots should not only be for one-time use. It should be present during official company events to keep it relevant. So when you design one, make sure that the character is simple yet remarkable enough to be remembered. If you’re using a character mascot, make sure that it’s well made so the person wearing it would not be uncomfortable or encumbered.

To summarize, the most important thing to remember is that the best mascot is the one that helps people remember you, your team and what you stand for.

Hope this short guide has helped you narrow down your choices for mascots. Check out our website for ready-made mascots on sale that you can use for parade floats, school spirit weeks or other exciting events!