Parade Float Snow – 3 Ways to Create The Illusion

parade float snowYou can’t get any more Christmassy than snow and the delightful winter feels it brings. It’s bright, glorious, and all things lovely. It also brings back memories of childhood waiting for that magical moment of the first snowfall of the year. Bottle all these nostalgic feelings and channel them into your parade float as you deck it out with parade float snow — makeshift snow, that is. And we’ll show you how in three easy ways.


Floral Sheeting

In our previous article — Five Must-Haves for a Great Christmas Parade Float — we have briefly outlined the beautiful effects of parade float snow floral sheeting and how you can use it to decorate your trailer bed. Now we can go into more details.

Snow floral sheeting is a versatile float décor. For the Iridescent Snow Floral Sheeting, each easy-to-use roll features iridescent flakes that sparkle and shine under the light, making it truly breathtaking.

To start, measure the breadth of your trailer bed/flooring; order more than enough rolls to cover the whole length of the trailer, plus, extras for other areas.

When you have your materials ready, carefully lay out the floral sheeting. Align it on one side then roll as gently and accurately as you can. Use adhesive to secure. Repeat process until you have fully covered the trailer bed. If there are any small or oddly-shaped spaces that need covering, simply cut out a piece of the snow floral sheeting then adhere.

Now, the magic of snow floral sheeting doesn’t stop at trailer beds or floorings. This sheeting can easily be cut into shapes to create artificial snow effects for chimneys, rooftops of gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, castle turrets or sleighs. Such a dreamy landscape would bring yuletide happiness.

parade float snow floral sheeting

Cotton Balls

Often it’s the simple things that make the most magic. Now we turn to cotton balls to create fantastic effects for parade float snow.

Inexpensive and easy to source, cotton balls make surprisingly fun snow balls.

First, gather all the materials you need: a bag (or two or three) of cotton balls, glue, white thread and needle. Start stringing the cotton balls through the thread. You can make the cotton balls and strands the same size or length or vary them to make them look more natural. To keep the cotton from slipping, glue each piece securely to the string.

When you have made enough strands of cotton balls, then you can begin hanging them up. Here are some suggestions:

— Place several strands against your wall or backdrop and create a snowfall effect.

— Deck out the edges of your trailer with several of these lovely strands.

— Use these strands as trimmings for Christmas trees, chimneys or along the edges of gingerbread house rooftops or display windows.

As an extra, you can sprinkle or dust off some white glitter on to the cotton balls to make them sparkle. You can also use lights to optimize the beautiful effects of these snow ball strands.

parade float snow cotton balls

Crushed or Crumpled Paper

Using crushed or crumpled paper is yet another way of creating artificial parade float snow. It is especially useful when building a snowy scenic meadow-like structure for your parade float.

Take a bunch of white tissue paper and crush them as best as you can. Unfurl the sheets and roughly smooth them out (careful not to straighten them out too much so that there would still be “bumps” or ridges visible).

Pile the layers of sheets on the areas needed as high as your design requires. Secure with adhesive.

If you need to make big blocks of snow, gather several of the crumpled paper and tie them together. Then cover them with the unfurled sheets to keep everything looking neat and tidy. You can also add a light sprinkling of glitter on the top parts of the pile to create a dazzling effect.