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Cerise Vinyl Floral Sheeting

Cover parade float trailers quickly and easily with this Cerise Vinyl Floral Sheeting. It's a great color decoration to have on hand for a variety of Valentine's Day and/or spring events, especially parades! Available in 36" x 1 yard, 36" x 5 yards, and 36" x 10 yards options, cerise floral sheeting provides the decorative foundation for any parade float. Floral sheeting can be used to cover trailer beds, create textured backdrops for parade or festival photo booths, table covers, and more. The hot pink floral sheeting gets its name from the "petals" that create the unique texture of the material. It provides a lushness that flat parade floats need and is visually stunning up close or at a distance. Stock up on lots of cerise floral sheeting for school parades and events, community festivals, carnivals, workplace picnics, conventions, tradeshows, and much more.