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Confetti Poppers

Set an awesome surprise to delight spectators during parades. Bring on a shower of confetti at strategic points of the parade route and watch how these metallic or colorful strips catch the light and reflect back the fun elements of your float's design. Check out the variants of poppers we have on offer!

Confetti Launch Refill Kit

Sale Price: $99.99

Confetti Cannon

As low as: $4.49

Gold Foil Confetti Wand - Metallic Confetti Streamers

Retail Price: $9.99
As low as: $7.99

Confetti Popper - 8"

As low as: $1.49

Confetti Wand - 14"

As low as: $2.99

Confetti Poppers - 4"

As low as: $2.49