Parade Float Supplies Now

Gray Crepe Streamers

Twist Gray Crepe Streamers together with a contrasting color and use the resulting two-toned decoration for your parade float. The classic decorating material comes in 1 3/4" x 81' or 1 3/4" x 500' rolls, so you can choose the perfect size for decorating small or large size parade floats. Line the edges of your float beds with black crepe streamers (twist them to give them "depth") or get creative and crafty with them to create your own flowers or other shapes using the crepe material. Gray crepe streamers can also be cut into small pieces to quickly create confetti or stuffed into gift bags to use instead of tissue paper. Gray crepe has other uses, too! Twist and drape the crepe from room corners, secure it around windows and doorways, line table edges, hang lengths of it from the ceiling, and more. No matter how you use your gray crepe streamers, they're a great match for a Halloween or winter parade, many school color combinations, and team colors for playoff win parades!