Parade Float Supplies Now

White Crepe Streamers

White Crepe Streamers coordinate perfectly with almost any other color for your Homecoming, holiday, or athletic parades. Twist the white crepe streamer to create a fun shape and line the edges of your parade floats with it. Or enlist some volunteers who like crafts to create flowers and other shapes for your float. Available in 1 3/4" x 81' or 1 3/4" x 500' rolls, White Crepe Streamers are the perfect shade of white for a variety of occasions. Use the white streamers for many holiday parades throughout the year; for school colors during a Homecoming parade; or to match local or professional team colors for a championship parade. Don't limit yourself to parades for your white streamers. Use the crepe in a variety of other ways for many other special events throughout the year. Twist and drape your crepe from room corners, wrap it around columns or banisters, secure it around windows and doorways, line table edges, hang lengths of it from the ceiling, and more.