Parade Float Supplies Now

Plum Gossamer Fabric Rolls

These Plum Gossamer Fabric Rolls have gorgeous rich red hue that is perfect for Christmas parade floats. Gossamer is a sheer, lightweight, non-woven fabric that is easily used for your next parade or festival. Plum decorating fabrics like these are easy to match Thanksgiving or Christmas colors, school color combo, or festival theme! Available in a variety of widths and lengths, Plum Gossamer Fabric Rolls have almost as many uses as sizes. Use your gossamer to line the edges of your float, cover trailer beds, or wrap around posts. It can also be draped from ceilings or high beams, layered over tables for a table cover, or secured it to a wall or pipe-and-drape for an elegant backdrop. Use your imagination when decorating with Plum Gossamer--the possibilities are endless! NOTE: Our gossamer is flame-retardant and meets most building fire safety standards (NFPA 701). Due to size regulations, gossamer may arrive folded.