Parade Float Supplies Now

Light Blue Vinyl Floral Sheeting

Get ready for a winter or heaven-themed parade or event with this Light Blue Vinyl Floral Sheeting. Available in 36" x 1 yard, 36" x 5 yards, and 36" x 10 yards options, light blue floral sheeting provides the decorative foundation for any parade float. Cover various size parade trailer beds with the sheeting and then accent the float with a variety of decorative kits to match your parade theme. Floral sheeting is also a unique way to decorate for parade or festival booths. Use your light blue floral sheeting to cover tables, booth walls, and more. The "petals" of the floral sheeting provide a fun texture that is both eye-catching and functional--it gives any surface a lushness that reads well at a distance. Match the dark green floral sheeting to winter festivals, underwater themed events, school colors, sports team colors, and other parade theme colors.