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Pride Parade - Pride Decorations and Accessories

Indulge in the rainbow of goodies we have in store for you to make your parade float look even more awesome! Our Pride accessories and decorations have been carefully chosen to bring as much creativity and practicality (they work well with various themes and motifs) to any celebration. We believe in you and your cause and we are proud to offer such wonderful items to help you show your pride.

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Pride Floats Decorations and Accessories

Pride Parades are all about love, accepting who you are, and celebrating our differences. From our pride parade floats to pride color decorations and accessories, we have a variety of pride float ideas for you--because, just like people, no two pride parades are the same!

Pride Decorations

One of the reasons pride parades and pride floats appeal to so many people is the abundance of color. Every color of the rainbow is represented to match the pride flag. Our pride decorations (Floral Sheeting, Fringe, Festooning, Fabrics, Pride Balloons) are available in LOTS of colors! Mix and match them to create colorful, powerful, and engaging pride floats for your next pride parade.

Pride Accessories

In addition to the most popular pride decorations, it's important to stock up on pride accessories. We offer several Pride Flags (including a Body Flag!), Pride Banner, Sunglasses, Signs, Confetti, Decorative Kits and Themes, special effects Machines, and MORE to add to the excitement of this annual parade.

Organizing and creating a pride parade is a big job, but also one of the most rewarding. Those inclusive colors of the rainbow provide a big source of inspiration. Whether you're looking for Pride Parade Floats, Decorations, Accessories, or parade float ideas in general, you can find them right here!